Windows volume control replacement

Power Mixer is an advanced Volume control program which provides bigger functionality and ease-of-use than the standard Windows Volume Control. It does not require any special skills, works with MP3's, music CDs, and all other sound sources; you can control your music's volume directly from your mouse's scrollwheel or by using customizable system-wide hot keys, no matter what application you are using.

The program is simple to install and use, has many configurable options, and is optimized for high performance and small memory usage. Power Mixer works with all modern sound cards, places itself into the system tray, where it is readily available. It would be ideal for music fans who want to adjust the volume of their computers without a lot of hassle.

  • User-friendly, multilingual interface with themes support
  • Quick volume adjusting by simply rotating the mouse wheel
  • Supports advanced volume controls such as bass and treble, etc
  • Supports per-application volume control (Vista and higher)
  • Unlimited, fully customized user presets for quick volume setup
  • Quick changing the selected volume controls by using desks
  • Customizable hot keys for any volume control, preset or desk
  • Peak level meter for real time audio monitoring
  • Works with multiple sound cards simultaneously
  • Vista gadget to control volume from sidebar
  • Supports changing the speaker configuration
  • Supports changing default audio device
  • Fine volume tuning from 0 to 100
  • Supports Audio Tapers for volume controls
  • Powerful built-in scheduler
  • Supports MIDI remote control
  • Displays main volume value in the tray icon
  • On-screen display for perfect volume adjustments
  • Command-line support for use in a batch file or script
  • Automatic loading of the program at the system start-up
  • Can work as service or as an ordinary application
  • Supports all features of the standard volume control
  • Works on Windows 9X/Me/NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10/11

If you need more features not listed above, simply contact us.

  • EnglishEnglish
  • AfrikaansAfrikaans (thanks to Johann Lochner)
  • ArabicArabic (thanks to Jynx D5)
  • BrazilianBrazilian Portuguese (thanks to Milton Chaves de Almeida)
  • BulgarianBulgarian (thanks to Asparouh Kalyandjiev)
  • CatalanCatalan (thanks to Buyaicia)
  • ChineseChinese (thanks to Kang Chuanjiang)
  • CroatianCroatian (thanks to Igor Kraljic)
  • CzechCzech (thanks to Benda Radek)
  • DutchDanish (thanks to Egentlige Losning)
  • DutchDutch (thanks to Omer Yasar Can)
  • EstonianEstonian (thanks to Gert Kivirand)
  • FinnishFinnish (thanks to Jussi Ritola)
  • FrenchFrench (thanks to Marc-Antoine Morel)
  • GermanGerman (thanks to Sven Rowoldt)
  • GreekGreek (thanks to Haldailas)
  • HebrewHebrew (thanks to Erez Goldshide)
  • HungarianHungarian (thanks to Hevesi Janos)
  • ItalianItalian (thanks to Marco D'Amato)
  • KoreanKorean (thanks to Taewon Yun)
  • NorwegianNorwegian (thanks to John Richard Gothard)
  • PolishPolish (thanks to Maciej Haudek)
  • RomanianRomanian (thanks to Alex)
  • RussianRussian (thanks to Dmitry Grishin)
  • SerbianSerbian (thanks to Branislav Serdar and Marko Volf)
  • SpanishSpanish (thanks to Tomas Cerda Perez)
  • SwedishSwedish (thanks to Leif Larsson)
  • TurkishTurkish (thanks to Alper Ozgur)
  • UkrainianUkrainian (thanks to Taras Gaman)

Any help to translate Power Mixer to other languages is welcome!