Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Want to sell your favorite software and get some extra money? We would like to offer you to join our partner program that allows earning 30% and more from each product sold with your help. Our affiliate program is powered by PayPro Global, the world's leading software sales and registration service.

How does it work?

First, select the product you want to sell:

  • Power Mixer Power Mixer
  • VolumeLock VolumeLock
  • Ultimate Volume Tools
    ( Power Mixer + VolumeLock )
  • $17.95 (US)
  • $14.95 (US)
  • $24.95 (US)
  • 53670
  • 53671
  • 53672

There are two methods which you can use.

If you are able to host the binary file on your server or distribute it to your clients, for example via magazine cover CD, we can provide a "custom build" of our software. All links in the custom build such as "Buy Now" or "Homepage" use the PayPro website to record the visit along with your affiliate agreement ID. When users purchase the software, you earn the commission.

Please do the following steps to get your custom build with embedded affiliate ID:

  • Download the regular version of the software.
  • Add "XXXXXr" to the end of the installer file name (e.g. Power_Mixer_12345r.exe).

Or use the links below for automatic download your custom build.


Replace "XXXXX" with your 5 numbers affiliate agreement ID# (e.g. 12345), which you will receive after registering as a PayPro affiliate member.

How much does it cost to join?

Nothing! There are no setup charges or sign-up fees. You sign up, your account is created and your links are created instantly. It's really that simple!

Who can join?

This could be anyone from a hobbyist putting up a link to our home page and wanting a little credit if people buy it, to a magazine site running a hefty review and wanting kickback from the revenue it may generate, to a satisfied customer wanting to spread the word about our product, and seasoned web-designer recommending our software to his clients. The possibilities are really endless.

How to start?

To join our affiliate program just complete the sign up form. You will receive all information needed to start advertising our products. To get more information about the PayPro Affiliate Network, click here.


If you have any questions about our affiliate program, want to resell our products in your own way, please contact us. We’re happy to assist.